Romain Girard

Romain was born in France and didn’t fully get into cycling until the beginning of 2020. It quickly became a love affair as cycling is a great way of exercising and staying fit. With regular cycling and a healthy diet, the results didn’t take long to show up. Romain in now on a training journey to improve his power and stamina to ride some of the most iconic climbs, classics and stages, hopefully, all over the world.

A long tale is being written…

“I’m the Newbie-Cyclist who likes his tech, gadgets and data – probably a quirk from my engineering background!”

Stephen Mitchell

Magazine Editor. Stephen is on a fitness journey; juggling being a dad and Company manager – trying to get fit and healthy using cycling as the main method of sport. He is planning a cycling challenge for his 30th birthday, He wants to head over to France and ‘Chase the Tour – 2024’ by completing 3-4 stages and watching the final stage into Paris – 2/3 years training in coming!

I’m a third generation member of a Cycling business, I was always destined to ride & I believe anyone can be a part of the cycling community.”

Martin Daniells

Our resident Mountain bike columnist and apart of our in store tech team. Martin has ridden events across both Regional & National Downhill and Enduro races. Martin is looking to focus his column around mountain biking, trails, bikes and more!


Guest Writers:

Wing To


Denis Hedges

A club cyclist since 1949; Denis has affiliations with over 5 Swindon based clubs through his time of cycling.. From the Swindon Wheelers to the Corinium… Riding and Racing Den, our Saturday boy, has taken many podium spots and has ridden across the UK & Europe.

Denis has ridden road bikes all across Europe and continues to find his love and passion within cycling almost daily, although not through personal competition but watching, cheering & helping to organise local events!

“An Evergreen who can talk for England”

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